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  • HK$ 180.00 HK$ 270.00

    Yellow is such a vibrant colour for interiors - this beautiful embossed throw cushion adds a lovely burst of colour to the sofa. The colour and style should work well with classic style interiors. It comes with a plush insert.

    HK$ 180.00 HK$ 270.00
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  • HK$ 430.00 HK$ 630.00

    These beautiful vintage style glass bottles remind us of Tuscany and chianti, or maybe Rioja? Either way, they make timeless decorative accents or stunning vases. They have that lovely light green hue of vintage glass bottles. They’re hand made the old way, and you can still see bubbles and imperfections in the glass, which all adds to the charm. They're available in different shapes and sizes, that work well together and compliment each other.

    HK$ 430.00 HK$ 630.00
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  • HK$ 490.00 HK$ 600.00

    We love the vibrancy of these beautful yellow and white urn vases. They bring life and colour to a room and work well as flower vases, containers, or simply as decorative accents. They're available in two different sizes, that compliment each other well as a pair.

    HK$ 490.00 HK$ 600.00
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  • HK$ 390.00 HK$ 540.00

    We love the repeating monochrome pattern of these urn vases which contrasts beautifully with matt gold of the handle. It gives them an exotic look that works well with modern interiors. They're great as flower vases, ceramic containers, or stand well as decorative accents in their own right.

    HK$ 390.00 HK$ 540.00
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  • HK$ 470.00 HK$ 630.00

    We love the elegant repeating pattern of these ceramic vases, and blue and white is such a timeless colour combination. These make stunning flower vases, or simply as decorative accents in their own right. They work well with classic style interiors. Available in 15cm and 39cm sizes, they look great in pairs.

    HK$ 470.00 HK$ 630.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 580.00 HK$ 800.00

    Pom Poms add a playful touch to these lovely throw blankets. Made of cotton they're beautifully soft and luxurious. Available in a selection of pastel colours, they will look great with scandinavian and Nordic inspired interiors.

    HK$ 580.00 HK$ 800.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 290.00 HK$ 350.00

    These gorgeous vintage style wall hooks are hand made and each piece is unique. They have a beautiful mother of pearl inlay on the base, which adds to the vintage feel. Great as a statement piece for the entrance hall. We’ve also seen them looking great in bathrooms. But we warned, they're so handsome, you may not want to hang anything on them ;)

    HK$ 290.00 HK$ 350.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 1,980.00 HK$ 2,900.00

    The minimal stripped down look of these gold side tables has a great, modern industrial look. Their simple, clean form means they make a timeless addition to modern living spaces. Also available as a coffee table in black.

    HK$ 1,980.00 HK$ 2,900.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 180.00 HK$ 220.00

    These contemporary glass vases are a lovely mix if vintage and modern. The rope handles and chome fittings give them a vintage look, while clear glass lends them a clean contemporary look. Available in a range of sizes.

    HK$ 180.00 HK$ 220.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 180.00 HK$ 240.00

    The frosted and fractured look of these contemporary glasses vases lends them a lovely vintage look. They bring style and elegance to classic décor inspired living spaces. Available in a range of styles and sizes.

    HK$ 180.00 HK$ 240.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 78.00 HK$ 110.00

    The fractured look of these glass vases gives them a lovely vintage look. This brings texture and interest, while not detracting too much from a bunch of fresh flowers. They look great in both eclectic and classic living spaces. Available in 15cm, 20cm, 24cm, 23cm and 29cm sizes, they look great grouped together.

    HK$ 78.00 HK$ 110.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 138.00 HK$ 200.00

    These beautiful clear glass vases are a lovely mix of contemporary and classic design. Glass and a classic shape, make them a timeless and elegant piece, while the angular ribbing, give it a distinctly modern look that will feel at home in modern living spaces. Great for adding style and texture to both modern and classic living spaces. It's available in both 30cm and 20cm sizes.

    HK$ 138.00 HK$ 200.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 98.00 HK$ 130.00

    These beautiful ceramic vases are mix of modern and classic. White of course is timeless and an easy match, and the large ribbing adds a classic elegance. While the angular shape at the base, gives it a modern feel we think pairs well with many décor styles, but particularly scandinavian, nordic styles. They're available in 15cm and 22cm sizes, and look great as a pair.

    HK$ 98.00 HK$ 130.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 1,390.00 HK$ 1,800.00

    Classic off-white can be a beautiful choice when decorating with rugs. Though they are more subtle than some more colorful patterns, they add layers of subtle texture and style to your living space. Even with white or lighter colored floors, they can create a serene but cozy feel. This beautiful white area rug is hand woven from wool and lurex - which is a yarn that has a silvery sheen to it. Paired with off-white wool, these rugs have a distinctly elegant feel. Choose from three size options.

    HK$ 1,390.00 HK$ 1,800.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 2,190.00 HK$ 2,700.00

    We love the lux appeal and slightly indulgent feel of these beautiful rugs. Hand woven from pure wool, and overlaid with a simple diamond pattern, they have a wonderful cozy feel - both to look at, and to touch. We think they work well with eclectic and Nordic decor styles. And they're available in natural grey or off-white - the off-white is our favorite ;). Choose from three size options.

    HK$ 2,190.00 HK$ 2,700.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 2,090.00 HK$ 2,600.00

    These beautiful hemp area rugs are more than they appear at first glance. The lighter color of the honeycomb pattern actually has a slight silver sheen to it, thanks to a durable synthetic material that is woven into this part of the rug. Combined with the natural and dyed color of the hemp, it creates a subtle but special effect. The style is both classic and modern, and is flexible for pairing with many decor styles. They're available in two color options and three sizes.

    HK$ 2,090.00 HK$ 2,600.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 2,280.00 HK$ 2,800.00

    This area rug has a lovely worn in look and feel that eases seamlessly into most decorating styles. Hand tufted from 100% Viscose - which is a natural fibre derived from plants - it's beautifully fine and soft to the touch. Apart from being very soft under foot, Viscose rugs also have a lovely lustre or "sheen" to them, which is not seen in rugs made from other materials - it's quite special. It's available in one color and three sizes.

    HK$ 2,280.00 HK$ 2,800.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 8,490.00 HK$ 10,500.00

    You can make rugs from Bamboo.. Who knew? Yes, really - bamboo fibre is becoming more popular as a sustainable material in rug production. Harvesting is labor intensive, but it leaves the plant in tact. And it produces very fine and durable carpets. This is a stunning example in light grey and beige that will make a beautiful rug for living room or bedroom. Choose from three standard sizes.

    HK$ 8,490.00 HK$ 10,500.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 19,900.00 HK$ 25,000.00

    This rug is truly a masterpiece - hand-crafted from bamboo and viscose fibre in a soft grey oriental pattern. Bamboo fibre is harvested without damaging the plant, making it a sustainable, but labor intensive process. The fibre is very durable, lustrous and soft to the touch. This is a rug that will last lifetime. Available in three sizes or custom size on request.

    HK$ 19,900.00 HK$ 25,000.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 3,290.00 HK$ 4,100.00

    We love the combination of the woven oriental pattern with a vibrant pop of color, on this beautiful rug - giving it a modern but classic touch. These rugs are hand woven from 100% Viscose - which is a natural fibre derived from plants. The fibre is very fine and beautifully soft to the touch. They're available in four color choices and three sizes.

    HK$ 3,290.00 HK$ 4,100.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 2,990.00 HK$ 3,700.00

    The beautiful abstract pattern of this area rug reminds us of a modern art piece. Made of wool and viscose, it's very soft to the touch, but also durable. Viscose is a natural fibre derived from plants and has a lovely fine, soft texture. And the warm, neutral color tones of this rug make it a friendly match with many a decor scheme. Available in one color with three size options.

    HK$ 2,990.00 HK$ 3,700.00
    Reduced price!
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