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  • HK$ 4,990.00 HK$ 6,200.00

    The beautiful over-size weave of this gorgeous rug kind-of reminds us of a giant sweater! Hand woven of pure wool and available in three lovely warm colours, it has the added benefit of extra stain resistance.

    HK$ 4,990.00 HK$ 6,200.00
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  • HK$ 1,690.00 HK$ 2,100.00

    We love products for the home that feature a natural finish or colour. This beautiful rug is a great example - it's made of a blend of wool and recycled denim, which gives it a lovely natural blue colour. Hand woven, it's available in a choice of two sizes.

    HK$ 1,690.00 HK$ 2,100.00
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  • HK$ 5,900.00 HK$ 8,800.00

    The pattern of this rug in charcoal grey with a cream base has tribal feel to it that works beautifully with eclectic and modern décor. The round shape makes it a great choice for round dining table or lounge settings. Made from pure wool, so it has a natural softness and stain resistance.

    HK$ 5,900.00 HK$ 8,800.00
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  • HK$ 490.00 HK$ 650.00

    What could be more luxurious than a pure wool sheepskin rug. They look great as a playful throw for your sofa or bed, or at the foot of your favourite lounge chair. And as a natural fibre, they are long lasting and low irritant, so also suitable for the kids room. Currently available in Champagne, Cream or Charcoal Grey.

    HK$ 490.00 HK$ 650.00
    Reduced price!
Showing 22 - 25 of 25 items

Decorate With Wool Rugs Hong Kong

When it comes to quality area rugs, wool is one of the best, most widely used and highly-regarded materials. Used in everything from traditional Kilim rugs, to contemporary and modern carpets. It is more expensive than sythetic fibres such as Polyester, but more affordable than others such as Silk and Viscose. So for us, it's the perfect choice for quality and affordable rugs that will last a lifetime.

Stylish and Stain Resistant Wool Rugs

It's not often we'd use these two words in the same sentence but we think both style and practicality is important. A stylish rug will soon become less so if it becomes stained and worn. That's why wool rugs with their stain resistance, thanks natural oils in the wool are a great choice for both their style and practicality.

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