Kids Room Rugs

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  • HK$ 1,490.00 HK$ 1,900.00

    When you want a sure match with your color scheme, either go very plain and neutral, or go multi-colored. This beautiful area rug is definitely the later - add a burst of color to your modern living space. We also love its innovative use of materials, made from a hand woven combination of hemp and recycled fabric, you can feel good about it's eco credentials too. It's available in three size options.

    HK$ 1,490.00 HK$ 1,900.00
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  • HK$ 1,390.00 HK$ 1,750.00

    We love the "light on light" color contrast of natural hemp with dyed cotton. It gives these vibrant area rugs a beautiful contemporary feel that makes them an easy match with relaxed modern living spaces. Natural fibres are low irritant, long lasting and often gain character with age. These area rugs are available in three color and three standard sizes.

    HK$ 1,390.00 HK$ 1,750.00
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  • HK$ 3,690.00 HK$ 4,500.00

    We couldn't resist these beautiful and playful area rugs for kids rooms. With a cute 3D grey sheep pattern, they're wonderfully tactile for little hands to play with. And as the color is a neutral tone, they match easily with any décor. And they're made of wool (of course!) which is a stain resistant, natural fibre perfect for kids rooms. Available in our three standard sizes.

    HK$ 3,690.00 HK$ 4,500.00
    Reduced price!
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Decorate With Stylish Kids Rugs Hong Kong

Finding stylish and reasonably priced rugs for kids room in Hong Kong used to be a nightmare. So we set about creating a selection of stylish rugs for little ones at great prices. When decorating kids rooms, bright colours and cute designs can bring style and coziness to kids rooms. And of course practiality is also someting to consider!

Use Natural Fiber for Kids Area Rugs

Little ones can be more sensitive to irritants, so all our rugs for kids rooms are made from low-irritant natural fibers, such as wool, cotton or hemp. We also look for high stain resistance, as we know accidents can happen! Wool in particular generally has high stain resistance, thanks to oils that are naturally present in the fiber.

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