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  • HK$ 390.00 HK$ 500.00

    Compliment a modern décor style with these simple and elegant ceiling lights. Perfect for defining spaces such as dining areas or open kitchen bars.

    HK$ 390.00 HK$ 500.00
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  • HK$ 330.00 HK$ 420.00

    We love the lustre and and artisan feel of copper. And it's actually considered a semi-noble or noble metal, in the company of gold and silver. This beautiful hand made copper mug can be used for coffee, tea or even as a beer stein. It also comes with a fitted lid to keep your drink warm. As it's an artisan, hand made product, small impefections and seal marks are part of the charm.

    HK$ 330.00 HK$ 420.00
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  • HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,980.00

    Acapulco is beach resort in Mexico, that became popular with Hollywood stars and millionaires in the 1950's. It's also home to the Acapulco Chair - supremely comfortable and perfect for summer lounging, indoors or out. Get a slice of 1950's glamour!

    HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,980.00
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  • HK$ 290.00 HK$ 490.00

    Add a warm glow to your room with a Himalayan salt lamp. Sourced from the salt mines of the punjab region of Pakistan, near the foot of the Himalayas, the salt crystals have a lovely reddish hue when lit. Some believe that with the gentle heat of the lamp, the salt emits negative ions which purify the air and are beneficial to health. Either way, we just love the look and their soft, warm glow.

    HK$ 290.00 HK$ 490.00
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  • HK$ 139.00

    Make mess beautiful with cute animal storage boxes. Designed by 3 Sprouts in Canada, they're the perfect size and shape for storing kids toys, and slide easily in and out of shelving or under beds. They can also fold easily into flat when not in use, so super-practical too.

    HK$ 139.00
  • HK$ 155.00 HK$ 220.00

    Create a sophisticated look with these modern black caged candle holders. Their minimal style constrasts beautifully with the warmth and softness of candle light.

    HK$ 155.00 HK$ 220.00
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  • HK$ 159.00

    Help your kids clean up their act with our cute 3 Sprouts animal storage bins. Designed in Canada, they're great for storing toys, books or laundry. Made of sturdy cotton canvas and tough enough to handle what little ones may throw at them. A perfect addition to your kids room decor.

    HK$ 159.00
  • HK$ 180.00 HK$ 300.00

    The repeating pattern of chevron pattern fabrics are a perfect match with modern furniture. This one looks great in yellow, and the contrast works well paired with grey or black. It's 45cm in size and includes a plush insert.

    HK$ 180.00 HK$ 300.00
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  • HK$ 195.00 HK$ 300.00

    Lanterns bring a lovely warmth to a room or outdoor setting. Add some vintage charm to your living space with these vintage style polished metal lanterns. The metal handle adds to the old world charm and is useful for moving around when hot. And a door on the side allows you to access the candle. Available in 24cm or 35cm, they look great in pairs of varying size.

    HK$ 195.00 HK$ 300.00
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  • HK$ 190.00 HK$ 290.00

    Decorators love to call anything, bright, colourful and Mexican-inspired, "Mexicola". This lovely 45cm aqua mexicola pattern cushion is available in reverse colours that make a fresh addition when paired on a sofa setting.

    HK$ 190.00 HK$ 290.00
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  • HK$ 90.00 HK$ 220.00

    Add a burst of colour to your sofa or lounge chair with this lovely canary yellow throw cushion. The yellow contrasts beautifuly with furniture in soft tones of grey. The fabric has a lovely felt-like softness and the matching piping adds a finished look. Plump insert included.

    HK$ 90.00 HK$ 220.00
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  • HK$ 130.00 HK$ 220.00

    Tissue boxes are one of those things we all need around the house, but they tend to be pretty ugly. Declare war on ugly tissue boxes with this rattan tissue box cover. Made of rattan, a natural material, it’s neutral colour blends in well with almost any decor. At 27cm x 12cm x 8cm, it fits most standard tissue boxes.

    HK$ 130.00 HK$ 220.00
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  • HK$ 27.50 HK$ 75.00

    Blue and white is a classic colour scheme for ceramics and inevitably they still look good years later. Add some oriental flair to your dining collection with these Japanese style blue and white starburts pattern plates, available in two sizes. The 16cm is great as a side plate for bread, while the 20cm is makes a beautiful small dinner plate.

    HK$ 27.50 HK$ 75.00
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  • HK$ 980.00 HK$ 1,290.00

    We love the casual comfort of these cotton weave poufs. The solid block colours make them an easy match with moden decor, while the over-size cotton weave adds interest and texture. Made of soft recycled cotton, they're great as a foot stool or for casual seating around the coffee table.

    HK$ 980.00 HK$ 1,290.00
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  • HK$ 450.00 HK$ 1,280.00

    The Random Pendant light is the creation of Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. Originally designed in 1999, the last decade has seen it well on the way to becoming a design classic. It has an interesting texture, created by randomly spun yarn, and a simple form complimenting almost any interior. Our reproduction is true to the original, available in white, black or gold and a range of sizes.

    HK$ 450.00 HK$ 1,280.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 490.00 HK$ 790.00

    Simple and elegant, an over-size bulb gives this modern table lamp a subtle retro look. Made of powder coated steel with a solid oak wood base, it's available in black or copper finish. Perfect for the home office or bedside table.

    HK$ 490.00 HK$ 790.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 380.00 HK$ 450.00

    Teaching your little ones about the world? This could be a fun place to start: a colourful wall mural featuring the world and its key regions and oceans. And it looks beautiful too! See the instructions below to calculate how many square meters you need for your wall, and then order the Quantity here accordingly.

    HK$ 380.00 HK$ 450.00
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  • HK$ 290.00 HK$ 390.00

    Interiors trends come and go, but we think vintage bulbs are a timeless classic. A brass base offsets this glass pendant, showcasing a beautiful retro bulb.

    HK$ 290.00 HK$ 390.00
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  • HK$ 380.00 HK$ 880.00

    Great design can take humble materials like plastic and turn them into a beautiful functional items like the Prince Aha Stool. Designed by French designer Philippe Starck in 1999 it's become a pop culture classic for it's iconic shape and bright colours. It also has handy storage, thanks to removable lids at both ends. We love the teal, but uur faithful reproduction come in a variety of colours.

    HK$ 380.00 HK$ 880.00
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  • HK$ 45.00 HK$ 125.00

    We love serveware that makes use of natural materials, and nothing could be more simple or beautiful than a solid wood plate. Available in 15cm or 20cm sizes, they make a fun alternative as a casual bread plate or small dinner plate. The light wood has a neutral tone, so don't be afraid to mix and match with other serveware.

    HK$ 45.00 HK$ 125.00
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Showing 1 - 21 of 165 items