Do you find yourself liking a wide variety of decor styles in your home? Perhaps you just cannot decide whether your favorite decoration is 'farmhouse mid-century" or "rustic contemporary". Or you really don't like it when things are too "matchy-matchy". Maybe you enjoy integrating knick-knacks from your journeys into your home to remind you of your travels. If that's the case, you truly have a style - it's called eclectic decor. Although the word has been in popular use for quite a while, it has only relatively recently become known as a decorating style. Eclectic style has its origins the fine arts and architecture when leaders prided themselves on refusing to adhere to any particular style, and instead set about doing their own thing. Think of eclectic style as a borrowing of various styles while developing a cohesive look through colour, texture or shape. A fantastic definition of eclectic design is "a thoughtful gathering of interesting pieces that all work together." There's some thought that goes into it - it's not just throwing things together - though the look may feature things that may not usually go together. The eclectic decorator knows precisely how to smooth out the bumps with oddball furnishings and textures so it all comes together beautifully.
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