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There is often a bit of a difference between the size of your personal serveware collection and what actually gets used on the dining table. How frequently have you used that fancy cake stand :) ? Or that oversized bowl which was intended to be perfect for a huge salad or even a curry? We often think we need more serveware than we really do until we start culling our collection and realise just how many pieces we really need. But if you're curating a new set or paring down a current person, ask yourself these two questions before starting outside: what type of food do you make regularly and how many people do you typically cater for? The list below cuts to the chase on the essentials in your serveware collection. Serving Platters - if your meals are usually made up of a meat and salad dishes, keep the platter collection to at least two. Basic Serving Bowls - these are most versatile and essential serveware. The smaller ones are great for soups, the mid-sized ones are ideal for rice, pasta or a leafy salad, while larger ones are great for a main dish of mixed grain or pasta salad. A Crystal Pitcher - not only does it look amazing on the dining table, but it also saves you the trouble of getting up to refill glasses in the kitchen. Serving utensils - the essential serving utensils are a pair of salad tongs, serving spoons and serving forks. Dessert fans should also include pie and cake servers. Condiment sets - a set of classic salt and pepper shakers add that final touch of sophistication to any well set table. For more ideas on what serveware you need, we found this useful reference.
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