• HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,980.00

    Acapulco is beach resort in Mexico, that became popular with Hollywood stars and millionaires in the 1950's. It's also home to the Acapulco Chair - supremely comfortable and perfect for summer lounging, indoors or out. Get a slice of 1950's glamour!

    HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,980.00
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  • HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,100.00

    This beautiful table lamp is undoubtably modern with its clean lines and simple design. But it also has a touch of retro - perhaps art deco charm, that we love. The combination of frosted glass shade and brass trim brings a touch of understated luxury to your living space. Great for adding warmth an ambience to a room and makes a great bed side lamp or lounge side table lamp.

    HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,100.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 2,380.00 HK$ 3,000.00

    We love the playful block pattern of this beautiful modern area rug. The colors are very contemporary, and well suited to current décor trends in 2017. The yellow and blue really pop and bring life to any living space. It's hand woven from pure wool and available in three standard sizes.

    HK$ 2,380.00 HK$ 3,000.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 290.00 HK$ 490.00

    Add a warm glow to your room with a Himalayan salt lamp. Sourced from the salt mines of the punjab region of Pakistan, near the foot of the Himalayas, the salt crystals have a lovely reddish hue when lit. Some believe that with the gentle heat of the lamp, the salt emits negative ions which purify the air and are beneficial to health. Either way, we just love the look and their soft, warm glow.

    HK$ 290.00 HK$ 490.00
    Reduced price!


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