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  • HK$ 128.00 HK$ 180.00

    We love these cute little LED fairy lights for adding atmoshphere to living spaces, indoors or out. The LED blubs are tiny and do not generate, heat which means they're not only cute, but can be used in creative ways to add a warm feeling to other décor items such as jars. They're also battery operated, which makes them safe and convenient for everyday use.

    HK$ 128.00 HK$ 180.00
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  • HK$ 129.00 HK$ 149.00

    This is a fun variation on the classic vintage bulb, with a long, slender shape. It's a great choice for longer hanging lights, such as pendant lighting. The overall style works well with both industrial and modern style lighting. The E27 fitting makes it an easy fit to most light fittings.

    HK$ 129.00 HK$ 149.00
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  • HK$ 99.00 HK$ 120.00

    This bulb has a the look of a classic vintage light bulb, but the tubular (non-tapered) shape give it a modern style. We love the soft amber tint of the glass and the warm glow that it gives off when lit. It's a a great to offset modern lighting fixtures or a classic match with industrial lighting.

    HK$ 99.00 HK$ 120.00
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  • HK$ 69.00 HK$ 79.00

    This is the perhaps the quintessential vintage style light bulb. The tapered shape gives it that classic look. We love the soft amber tint of the glass and the warm glow that it gives off when lit. It's a classic match with industrial style lighting, or to offset the clean lines of some modern lighting pieces.

    HK$ 69.00 HK$ 79.00
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  • HK$ 15.00 HK$ 30.00

    A great, affordable, all-purpose bulb. 5W LED is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb.

    HK$ 15.00 HK$ 30.00
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  • HK$ 490.00 HK$ 790.00

    Simple and elegant, an over-size bulb gives this modern table lamp a subtle retro look. Made of powder coated steel with a solid oak wood base, it's available in black or copper finish. Perfect for the home office or bedside table.

    HK$ 490.00 HK$ 790.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 390.00 HK$ 500.00

    Compliment a modern décor style with these simple and elegant ceiling lights. Perfect for defining spaces such as dining areas or open kitchen bars.

    HK$ 390.00 HK$ 500.00
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  • HK$ 990.00 HK$ 1,300.00

    We love this beautiful desk lamp for its simplicity and clean lines. But we also love the contrast of this simple design with a touch of luxury that the colour options of rose gold or copper bring. Perfect for completing a nordic or eclectic look for your home office.

    HK$ 990.00 HK$ 1,300.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 880.00 HK$ 1,100.00

    Being design-geeks, the ampersand is one of our favourite characters. We love its curvey lines and elegant look. Marquee letter lights have been popular of late for adding some personality and style to living spaces. So what better than a ampersand marquee letter light! Great for adding character and soft light to nooks, shelves and book cases.

    HK$ 880.00 HK$ 1,100.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 650.00 HK$ 850.00

    Mixed metals have been super-popular with decorators of late, and perhaps none more so than copper or rose gold. We love these beautiful cermamic pendant lights, finished in copper. And their geometric shape gives them a great retro modern look, Available in three styles, they look great mixed and clustered together over a focal area like dining or entrance hall.

    HK$ 650.00 HK$ 850.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 1,490.00 HK$ 1,900.00

    We couldn’t resist this quirky owl wall light. In alabaster white and with retro bulbs for eyes it has a eclectic look that brings style and interest to spaces such as entrance halls or bedrooms.

    HK$ 1,490.00 HK$ 1,900.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 680.00 HK$ 880.00

    Compliment your modern living space with this futuristic pendant light. The combination of matt black or white with a retro bulb creates a contemporary look that beautifully offsets the clean lines of modern interiors. Great for defining open bar kitchens or dining spaces.

    HK$ 680.00 HK$ 880.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 2,490.00 HK$ 3,200.00

    Bring some light and drama to your living space with this beautiful pendant chandelier. Made of bronze with glass panes, it makes a perfect chandelier for your entrance hall, or a stunning statement piece to define your dining area.

    HK$ 2,490.00 HK$ 3,200.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 990.00 HK$ 1,380.00

    We love the clean look and organic form of this beautiful ceiling light. The combination of white or black with a wooden crown gives it a distinctly scandinavian feel that is so popular for its combination of simplicity and warmth. A black and white textile hanging cord adds further detail and interest. Great for bringing light and ambience to dining spaces.

    HK$ 990.00 HK$ 1,380.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,100.00

    This beautiful table lamp is undoubtably modern with its clean lines and simple design. But it also has a touch of retro - perhaps art deco charm, that we love. The combination of frosted glass shade and brass trim brings a touch of understated luxury to your living space. Great for adding warmth an ambience to a room and makes a great bed side lamp or lounge side table lamp.

    HK$ 890.00 HK$ 1,100.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 3,260.00

    The Cocoon lamp is a playful original design by Israeli design duo Katharina Brand and Tzuri Gottlieb of Studio Vayehi. This beautiful lamp can be used as both table lamp and Ambience light. Inspired by nature, its cocoon shape is constructed of a single strip of wood veneer which allows light to radiate between the gaps, creating a stunning effect. It is designed to stand upright, at an angle.

    HK$ 3,260.00
  • HK$ 3,790.00

    This beautiful ceiling light is the work of Israeli designers Katharina Brand and Tzuri Gottlieb, under their lighting brand, Studio Vayehi. We love their description of this light as - "like stems of wheat in a field, bending to a gentle breeze." So poetic! Hand made from wood veneer it is available in two sizes and four wood finishes: maple, bamboo, walnut and cherry wood.

    HK$ 3,790.00
  • HK$ 590.00 HK$ 800.00

    We love this pendant light for its artful blend of vintage and modern. A vintage bulb creates a beautiful contrast with the soft edges and clean lines of the glass shade. Great for creating focal points over dining or bar areas - either as a single, or inmultiples for larger spaces. Available in two sizes and four colours.

    HK$ 590.00 HK$ 800.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 690.00 HK$ 1,100.00

    Copper a white come together with stunning effect in this beautiful ceiling light. We love the contrast of an industrial style caged pendant light, but finished in light and subtly glam white and copper. They look stunning in multiples over an open kitchen bar, or even solo over a small focal area such as bed side.

    HK$ 690.00 HK$ 1,100.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 290.00 HK$ 390.00

    Interiors trends come and go, but we think vintage bulbs are a timeless classic. A brass base offsets this glass pendant, showcasing a beautiful retro bulb.

    HK$ 290.00 HK$ 390.00
    Reduced price!
  • HK$ 290.00 HK$ 390.00

    Interiors trends come and go, but we think vintage bulbs are a timeless classic. A brass base offsets this glass pendant, showcasing a beautiful retro bulb.

    HK$ 290.00 HK$ 390.00
    Reduced price!
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Stylish Light Fixtures

Lighting is often overlooked when decorating, but getting it right can make or break a room. Well lit rooms use a combination of different lighting for different purposes - from the right pendant lights for a dining space, to beautiful table lamps for more relaxed areas. Staunton & Henry is here to help with Hong Kong's best selection of lighting online. From floor lamps to ceiling lights, as well as some fun and personalised neon and marquee letter lights for the home, we have it covered.

Modern Lighting for the Home

When choosing lighting for a room, consider both function and style. For a dining space, pendant lights offer soft lighting for dining as well as making a personal style statement and focal point for the table. Be sure to use dimmer switches so you can adjust the light level to your setting. For a lounge area, table lamps or floor lamps add style and sophistication as well as offering soft and diffused light. Task lamps are a great choice for a work space as they focus light in a specific area and create modern look, suited to a work space. The right colour choice can also accent the rest of the room, and at Staunton & Henry, you'll find an amazing selection of on trend choices, including bright colours that work well with a modern look, or copper lighting for a sophisticated look.

Replica Lighting - Get the Look for Less

Designer lighting is a great way to add timeless style to your home, and with the right replica lighting pieces you get great quality and the look for a fraction of the price. Staunton & Henry offers one of the best selections of designer lighting in Hong Kong, including replica Tom Dixon, Jaime Hayon, Brokis, David Trubridge, Bertjan Pot, Iacolli & McAllister, Jason Miller, Jeremy Pyles, Mariano Fortuny, Cecile Manz Caravaggio, Poul Henningsen, Verner Panton, Greta Grossman and Arne Jacobsen lighting.

Stay up to date

We get excited about beautiful lighting, so for ideas, styling guides and trends, visit the Staunton & Henry Blog, where we post all sorts of updates on our favourite subject!