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Curve’s the word: The rise in curved home decor + tips from interiors experts

Curve’s the word: The rise in curved home decor + tips from interiors experts

Looking for a way to inject some personality into your living room, soften your bedroom interior, or jump on the latest interior design trend? Why not consider incorporating curves into your home decor?

Interior enthusiasts have been increasingly searching Pinterest for curved home decor ideas, with searches for curved sofas, curved walls, curved bar design and curved kitchen islands all on the rise.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, we’ve created a round-up of on-trend curved home decor ideas, accompanied by some top tips from interior design experts. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an entire room or simply want to add some curvaceous finishing touches, we hope this guide gives you all the inspiration you need for your next interior design project.

Why are curves so appealing?

“Curves are the most practical way to soften sharp corners/lines that may otherwise feel uninviting or cold. If we want a room to look inviting, warm and cosy, we add curves. The way they blend in a space is what makes them such a versatile shape to use both inside and outside the home.

The beauty of using curved lines is that they draw you into a space in a welcoming manner which is exactly what we look for in our interiors. They can, of course, also be practical by cutting a corner on a shower or limiting sharp corners where children play.”
— Gina Everett, Interior Designer, Create Perfect

Curves on a budget

You can add curves around the home, whatever your budget – and the trend lends itself well to both rental and owned properties. For rental properties, think curved accessories like mirrors, rugs, cushions, lighting and bed headboards.

“Creating a curved wall or buying a curved sofa will make an impact but also a large dent in your budget. We prefer introducing curves in other ways like a headboard on a bed, patterns on a tile, curved ceiling lights, rugs or mirrors. They offer a more flexible and cost-effective way of adding curves to a room.”
— Beth Miller, Interior Designer, Fresh Start Living

Curved bedroom ideas

Curves look great in the bedroom and can be as subtle or statement as you desire. Your bedroom should reflect your personality whilst creating an environment that allows you to unwind after a long day, and we think curves make the perfect addition.

“We’re noticing a rise in customers wishing to add curves in the bedroom. From striking bedheads to unique sculptural lights, curves bring feelings of tranquility into the bedroom, creating instant softness and a sense of warmth. The ultimate feminine touch, curves bring a welcoming feel into interiors wherever they are used.” 
— Juliette Thomas, Founder & Director, Juliettes Interiors

“In this nude bedroom, we’ve got the straight lines of the colour blocking, but they’re softened with a number of curved styling details. The wall lights either side of the bed have curved detail along with the headboard and its curved roll back top. It’s all finished off with the three-tiered fringed chandelier, another beautiful curved piece.”
— Beth Miller, Interior Designer, Fresh Start Living

On a budget? Incorporate curves inexpensively through bedding and cushions.

No headboard? No problem! Make a statement with a painted circle headboard like this one. Quick, easy and won’t break the bank.

Adding a curved mirror into your bedroom is an easy way to inject some character into your space.

Curved home office ideas

If you work from home, like a large proportion of the population, your home office space needs to encourage you to concentrate. Whether you work from a corner in your living room or a dedicated home office, adding curves through interior design and small touches can help create a calm, relaxed environment that seamlessly transitions into the rest of your home.

This round rug, adds personality to the space and helps create an office zone, which is ideal for multifunctional rooms.

Office desks don’t have to be corporate-looking – especially when your office is at home. Why not add your own stamp to your home office with a curved desk and matching chair? To create balance, add a rectangular rug. 

Tidy room, tidy mind! Create functional calm in your dedicated home office by adding curved cabinets.

Curved kitchen ideas

Curved kitchens are very on-trend in 2022, with ‘curved kitchen island ideas’ seeing a three times rise in searches on Pinterest. If you’ve not got the budget for an entire kitchen renovation, or curved countertops aren’t your thing, why not opt for round tiles, handles or lighting fixtures?

“Using rounded handles to soften the kitchen, mirrored in the rounded seat of the stools, creates a comfortable and inviting kitchen space for entertaining.”
— Gina Everett, Interior Designer, Create Perfect

Use curved tiles to create a statement splashback, and pair with matching curved accessories – don’t forget your spherical plants for a bit of greenery, too!

Curved kitchen islands and cabinets not only look appealing but can also serve as functional storage space. If you’re a minimalist, open shelving can add depth and personality to your curved kitchen. For those who prefer to keep their crockery behind closed doors, curved cabinets will streamline your kitchen.

Curved living room ideas

You can incorporate curves into your living room space no matter what aesthetic you’re trying to achieve – be it luxe, fun or family-friendly. Adding curved furniture to your living space can inject a big dose of personality into the room, which is sure to turn heads. 

For most people, the living room is the family room, which means you can be a bit more playful with the design. “In terms of curved furniture, the key is to be creative by playing to the lines of the upholstery and have fun.” 
— Rachel Usher, Interior Designer, Rachel Usher Interior Design Studio

If you’re looking to make a statement in your living room, a curved sofa will do just that. For an even bolder look, go for a bright coloured sofa and contrasting wall colour.

Complement curves with more curves by adding a rounded table and other spherical accessories. 

The combination of curved furniture and accessories with the large curved skylight adds symmetry to this living space, creating a focal point that’s flooded with light. Guests will be instantly drawn to this area of the room. 

Curved bathroom ideas

Bathrooms lend themselves incredibly well to the curves trend, with the main event often curved in shape. Whether you want to add even more curves to your bathroom or spruce up your shower room, check out the inspiration below.

If this luxe bathroom doesn’t make you want to run a bath and light a candle right away, we don’t know what will. The curved bath, opulent gold tiles and side table all pair perfectly together, and the gold accents create a lavish finish.

Curves and colour are a match made in heaven. Brighten your bathroom and create a statement with a floating curved cabinet and pops of colour juxtaposed with a monochrome floor.

Curves on curves, add a curved end to your shower rather than straight lines to add new depth to your bathroom.

Curved bar ideas

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your home bar or retail establishment, curves create an open and inviting atmosphere to entertain guests.

Classic meets contemporary with this lavish bar area. The curved bar with its black bar top, grey wood features and mosaic tiling, paired perfectly with the bar stools

This powerful pink bar is sure to be a head-turner. With round stools, a curved bar and scalloped chair, there’s curves galore in this tropical-meets-glam home bar. The perfect place to enjoy your favourite tipple – pink ladies, anyone?

No space for a full home bar, but still want to make a statement? Add instant glam to your living space with an antique-style round drinks trolley.

Curved walls and architecture

Curved walls and architecture have the power to create a focal point in desired areas but also blend effortlessly into a space (so much so that you might not realise they’re there – just that the space works), softening the look of the room. 

“Architecturally, you can enhance the organic shape of a curved wall by applying a reeded texture or adding some textured wallpaper to the surface. To intensify movement, you can use architectural lighting that casts light and washes over the curve.”
— Rachel Usher, Interior Designer, Rachel Usher Interior Design Studio

Curved walls like this one add character to corridors and allow the space to flow seamlessly from one room to another. 

From contemporary to classic, architecture to accessories, curves can fit into any interior design style and budget. 

We hope our guide has given you all the curved decor inspiration you need, without going round-the-houses!

Which room will you decorate first?

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