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We may be a little biased, but we think the home is the one place in our lives that is most deserving of some design TLC. Travel and work aside, it's usually where we spend most of our time, so it's worth creating a space that's functional, beautiful and most importantly, "you". And a space where you spend a lot of time that makes you feel confortable and happy, is a great foundation for other areas of your life. There's no hard and fast rule for finding your design style, but if it doesn't come naturally, a little process can help. Look around your home and create a list of things that you love, whether it's furniture, lighting, decorative objects, or other homeware. Then create another list of things, that given the chance you'd prefer to sell, swap, throw out or otherwise get rid of. Armed with your "love" list, there are a couple of options. Popular decorating magazines and websites such as Apartment Therapy, or Houzz have useful galleries that define decorating styles and with a bit of luck, before long, you'll make the connection with your style. Staunton & Henry is also here to help, with our Shop By Style section, where you can the latest homeware by popular styles, including: Modern, Classic, Solid Wood, Modern and things for the kids room. Defining your style shouldn't limit it, but it does make it easier to find things you like. If you find your decorating style is a mix of styles, don't worry you're not alone. The eclectic home decorating style has become really popular in recent years, and as the name suggests, it's about choosing things you love from any style, mixing and matching vintage with modern, hard with soft etc.. But all the time, keeping an eye on creating common or complementary themes of colour texture, and using your instinct on what works and what does not. A few styles do tend to compliment each other - for example a mix of modern furniture and lighting with solid wood furniture can work really well. And classic furniture and lighting with modern chinese style for a sophisticated look.
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