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Lounge Chairs & Sofas

Hong Kong homes are not known for their large living rooms. But it's a common misconception that compact spaces cannot handle larger furniture. One large piece can do a lot to make a smaller room inviting, anchored, and also feel bigger. Taking the sofa as an example, arranging a small couch in a tight space with a couple of other seats can make a space feel over-full, with small areas of furniture all around the place (and of course all of those legs!). However one good sectional that accommodates all seating in one go can actually make a compact room feel more elegant: it multitasks by defining space, giving room to stretch out for a nap, and adapting guests with plenty of chairs for everybody. If you'd like to know more, here's a great resource on setting up a smaller space with larger furnishings like lounge chairs and sofas.
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