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Vases & Terrariums

Presenting fresh flowers in a beautiful vase is a great way to breath life into a room. And nothing showcases flowers better than glass and ceramic vases. Every home should have a few of varying styles and sizes to accommodate different flowers. Bright coloured flowers, tend to go best with glass or plain vases. While a single colour bunch of flowers can work with a more patterned vase. For more great advice on decorating with flower vases, here's a great guide. You can also create a glass terrarium for a sophisticated look. We love terrariums - these mini gardens in a glass box are a stunning and practical way of adding some green vibrancy to your living space. We're particularly fond of the modern style terrariums with faceted glass pains, which seem to work particularly well with modern decor styles. Creating and maintaining a terrarium can seem a bit daunting at first, but it can actually be great fun, and we've found some good how to resources here.
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