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Tea & Coffee

Making a tea party table setting can be a simple affair, or very elaborate depending upon your mood. Most of the time it can be simply a plate of goodies and a mug of tea. But when we do set the table it's such good fun. Having a collection of teacups is of course a excellent idea! We actually love mixed and matched individual pieces - it makes the dining table friendly and fun - which is just what we're looking for at afternoon tea time. Flowers and greenery can also make the table seem pretty. This is simpler in summer time - but even in winter, there are ever-green branches and berries that can bring a fresh, natural feel to the table. Strawberry themed afternoon teas are all wonderful in the summer when they're in season. Carrot cake in the autumn is always lovely, while Chocolate and pikelets are ideal in the winter. Once you've found your initial inspiration, it will become a matter of working out a menu and playing with ideas for serving dishes. For more tea and coffee table setting inspiration, check this out.
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