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How This Design Duo Channels Nature to Inspire Their Design

How This Design Duo Channels Nature to Inspire Their Design

Chefs talk passionately of being inspired by the best ingredients and local produce. But it may not be something you’d immediately associate with design. We talked to two designers who find their inspiration in nature and the best of local materials.

You could describe Israeli design duo Tzuri Goteleib and Katharina Brand, and their design brand, Studio Veyehi as the Slow Food Movement of the design world. They attribute much of the inspiration for their work – so far, mainly in the lighting space – as coming from the natural world around them.

“We both share a love of nature for its simplicity and fascination. We work with natural materials, and look for what’s close at hand.”

Katharina studied art and ceramic design, while Tzuri’s background is in industrial design. They also have experience in several crafts, such as carpentry and textile design, which helps with their current projects.

Inspired by Nature: The Cocoon Table Lamp

You might think of design in this age as all being conceptualized on powerful 3D design programs, but Katharina and Tzuri like to take a more natural approach, being guided by the materials and their intrinsic nature.

“We like to work with our hands, with the material, this inspires our design process.”

The inspiration for Studio Vayehi came from something many of us yearn for: a need to create on a daily basis, and a desire for independence. What more could you ask for than to live independently by doing what you love.

It seems to be more the norm in the design world to work solo, so we were curious to ask them what it’s like to work together as designers. “It’s comforting to work with a partner” Tzuri says, “and certainly neither of us would have reached the place we are today on our own”.

“Many times the development of a product is like a game of ping pong between us – one of us throws the idea, while the other picks it up and takes it in a different direction”.

And whilst they attribute much of their design success to working as partners, they also recognize the need for creating their own space, and regularly take time out to work independently.

Finding Space is Important: The Wind Ceiling Light

Studio Vayehi were recently part of Israel’s biggest art and design fair. Fresh Paint, now in its eighth year, regularly attracts over 30,000 guests and features the work of top designers across a range of fields.

They’re also currently working on widening their current collection of sculpted wood veneer lighting to include different colours and sizes. Whilst also preparing for an Israeli design exhibition in Taipei this summer.

Their lighting is featured in prominent design focused spaces, such as the rooms of the Prima Hotel in Tel Aviv, and the soon to be Oasis Hotel in the Dead Sea. Their work can also be seen in all 100 shop windows of Castro – Israel’s largest fashion chain.

A selection of their lighting is available at Staunton & Henry, which offers free shipping world-wide.

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