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Home Accessories

Home accessories make all the difference. When it comes to interior styling, it's the little details that bring it together. Like your outfit, how you decorate your home speaks volumes about your personal style. We all collect things that we like, whether it be from our travels, or just something we found that speaks to us. But we're often asked, how to bring all this together in a coherent way - so it presents less as jumble of random things, and more like a curated collection? Luckily, there is some great advice to be found, and here is just one resource we found, that's a great place to start. Home Furnishings Make a House a Home. There are endless ways to decorate with home accessories. Showcase the things you love - whether it be a coffee table book, candle holders, ceramics, photo frames, or soft furnishings like cushions and throws. Sometimes less is more, so be sure to curate and find things that compliment each other, and your overall theme. Clutter can detract from the look you're trying to achieve.
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