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Finding a stylish, modern carpet in Hong Kong at a reasonable price used to be a nightmare, so we set about finding a great selection of hand made contemporary rugs, made from natural materials such as wool, jute, viscose, as well as eco-friendly and upcycled materials. And as an online retailer who ships direct to our customers we can offer much better prices than you'll find in retail shops. We also offer a Quality Guarantee, so you can shop with confidence. Rugs are sometimes an afterthought when decorating, but according to interior decorators they should actually be one of the first things you consider. This is because area rugs are so visible in a living space, which makes them one of the big, impactful pieces that tie a room together. A modern rug also helps to define a space - for example the lounge TV area or a dining table, and they help to ground the furniture. One of the most important considerations is size - if you go too small, it can also make your room feel smaller. As a guide, a rug should be large enough that at least the front end of the furniture (eg: a sofa), are on it. Then choose a color or pattern that you like and then build your look with other items such as furniture and decor that match it. We're here to help with a great (and growing!) range of wool rugs in a variety of patterns colors and sizes to suit any taste.
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