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Table Lamps

Desk Lamps Add Style and Function. We're often asked by customers and friends, what are the best table lamps for living room or bedroom. We're big believers in style and functionality, so our response is always to first narrow it down to pieces that do what you need them to do. For a desk lamp, it needs to provide even light over a small area, for bedside lights, they need to provide focused light, or enough ambient light to read by. From there, shortlist styles that seem to match your decor style - for example, designer replica lighting is a great choice with modern decor. While shaded lamps work well with more classic decor styles. Before you know it, you will have narrowed it down to one or two styles that fit your purpose and style. One of the top pieces of advice from interior decorators and lighting experts, is to layer your living space with a variety of lighting for different purposes. Whether it be a ceiling light with powerful general lighting, or a track light for focused lighting on some wall art. But a great example that most homes will need is a table lamp (or lamps) by the sofa. These allow you to switch of the main room light in the evening and create a more intimate space with softer, more area specific lighting. A good table lamp in the living room, should provide enough light to read by, and of course sit well with your decor.
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