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Wall Décor

Make a statement with beautiful wall decor. There is literally an art to choosing and arranging wall décor that compliments your home. Start buy choosing the larger or more prominent wall décor items for a room, such as wallpaper or decorative wall art. When choosing items, stay with a similar (or complimentary) colour palette. Then work your way down to the smaller pieces such as wall clocks and wall stickers. Buying wall decor online is easy at Staunton & Henry, where you'll find everything from wall murals to wall hooks. Clocks are both functional and beautiful, and every room deserves one (more more!). Find your wall clocks online at Staunton & Henry - we offer a great range of functional and decorative clocks, from table clocks to quirky cuckoo clocks. And a range of styles from modern to art clocks and retro clocks. Clocks can also be arranged with other wall decor such as wall art, that share the same or complimentary colour scheme. For a balanced look, start with the largest item in the center as a focal point and arrange the others around it. Wall coverings are also a great alternative to paint and often a less expensive option. Wall murals work best on a feature wall and when matched with a similar colour scheme to the paint or wallpapers on other walls in the room.
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