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Interior Design Trends 2018 - 35 Decor Experts Share Their Tips

Interior Design Trends 2018 - 35 Decor Experts Share Their Tips

As 2017 draws to a close, we’re excited to see what new design trends 2018 will bring. If you’re moving into a new home or just dreaming of a home makeover, it’s good to stay up to date with the latest trends so you get the stylish look you want for your home.

Buying the right home decor like lighting and area rugs requires a lot of time and research. If you plan to decorate your home alone, or you just want to be well-informed when choosing an interior decorator, then we’re here to rescue you. We gathered 35 interior designers, feng shui experts, and home decor bloggers and asked them:

What Are Your Top Predictions for Interior Design Trends in 2018 - and Why?

We received some awesome advice from the experts that that will help you transform your house into a comfy, elegant, and pretty home.



A dash of cute interior design trends to look out for in 2018.

1. Bare brick and raw interiors are trendier than ever. Bars, pubs, restaurants, and even hotels reach out to bare brick to achieve a vintage and authentic atmosphere.

2. Mandala-inspired decorations are on the rise! These beautiful Buddhist designs have made their way into clothing but they are yet to conquer interior design and homes. Many passionate travelers are well aware of the beauty of mandalas but other homeowners are yet to get on board. Hang your mandala on the wall or decorate your sofa. New ideas pop up all the time!

3. Small and movable gardens slowly evolve to a mandatory chore for millennials. Truth is, most millennials live on rent and thus move a lot, and that’s why an easy-to-relocate garden is becoming an ever more affordable choice.

4. Forget common tile patterns and prepare for natural-mineral-inspired ideas such as terracotta and cork. This upcoming trend brings a dash of comfort, warmth, and texture in your home. Natural minerals are one of the many steps to making a home more nature-friendly.

Karen Rauch Carter


Minimalism and Nature: Trends for 2018 and beyond

The first trend I see is a pull toward minimalism. The younger the generation, the more minimalistic they are with “stuff,” which is not only good for them as individuals but good for the planet and its limited resources. Tiny house living, and valuing experiences and quality time over stuff can be both liberating and good for physical and mental health. When there is space, there is an opportunity, so living minimally can keep you in the flow of life’s opportunities thereby maximizing your “LIFETIME.”

The second trend I believe we will see is using more natural materials. This is fallout from the minimalism/get-in-touch-with-quality-of-life movement for sure, but also could be a trend simply due to the vast number of natural “disasters” in 2017. When life swings one way, there is sure to be a counter-balancer to follow.

And I want to go on record for a trend that I see in the future – probably not in 2018, but for sure in our future, as it goes hand-in-hand with the “counterbalancer” comment above. The use of microwave “cellular” technology, smart meters, and wireless everything WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO swing the other way. I predict that once the health-related information from this technology finally comes to be believed, (It took the tobacco industry years to lose its false information war) I predict that we will see radio frequency shielding companies and “Cold Spot” getaways pop up to shield sleep-deprived and unhealthy people from wireless signals. These companies will give people a break from the constant barrage of microwave radiation from the invisible-yet-harmful frequencies that run our modern world. For those of you looking for a new company to run in the future, there’s your hot tip.

Marina V. Umali - Marina V Design Studio


Watching all my colleagues reporting from High Point Market, I’m seeing a big trend for black & white with gold detail. I’m in love with this combination as black and white is a very powerful & classic color combo and with the addition of gold it certainly gives it a very luxurious look.

Another prediction for interior design trends in 2018 is the channel back. I am seeing a lot of amazing versions of Channel back chairs and I’m so ready to incorporate this trend in my residential projects in the new year. What I love about this trend is that it is a unique way of adding a design element somewhere unexpected. Michelle A. Blemel of Amberleaf Inc. said it perfectly “Backs are the new front”.

Other trends reported by fellow designers include “black walls mixed with warm metallics, metallic details to the backs of chairs and dark blue leather” as seen by my fellow designer Rachel Moriarty of Rachel Moriarty Interiors and Cate Holcombe of Cate Holcombe Interiors reports of “rich textures, velvet, faux furs, sheepskins, plush rugs and even lacquered grasscloth.”

As a cruelty-free designer, I am happy to hear that faux fur is one of the upcoming trends. We certainly need more cruelty-free products for sourcing Interior Design projects and it is quickly becoming a trend. As Deborah Rosenberg of Certified Cruelty-Free says Vegan Design is the new black.



As I thought about 2018, the first thing that came to mind are all the predictions on the new colors for the new year. I decided to consider trends beyond hues that will become even more significant to home design in 2018. Here are the four that I felt were most important.

Performance Fabrics
Scientists have developed a way to change fabric at a molecular level and make it stain resistant, light-resistant so that it won’t fade in sunlight, breathable so that it wicks off moisture rather than absorbing it and developing mold spores, fire resistant, and it will last far beyond your getting tired to it and wanting to buy something new. As importantly, it has a wonderful feel: something designers call the hand.

Ultra Compact Surfaces
Although Ultra compact surfaces aren’t brand new, they are definitely on my list of newer products that are here to stay. Whether you use them as kitchen countertops, flooring or outdoor surfaces, they are pretty close to bulletproof. Ultra-compact surfaces are stain and scorch resistant. They can be used outdoors as well as in, as they won’t melt, crack, split or fade. They are abrasion resistant, and will also help keep your kitchen bacteria free.

Home Automation
These devices can save you time, money and/or make your life a little easier. Automated lighting, window coverings, security systems, media, and/or just having Alexa’s help in the home can make a big impact. Many of the devices and appliances within the home are set to work together, and can all be controlled from a simple, user-friendly interface.

Universal Design
Defined as the creation of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. Whether it is a skiing accident, an injury from exercise, or problems with your equilibrium, using Universal products in your home that make it easier to live effectively today and in the future.



1. The heart of the home will become even more colorful. From cabinetry to major appliances, there are so many ways to add personality to your kitchen and take it to the next level. Grohe just introduced a gooseneck sink faucet that comes in a rainbow of colors. Even for those people that would hesitate to add an emerald green range might take the leap to a small dose of punchy color in the faucet instead.

2. Artisanal touches. Items crafted by hand in metal, textile or wood, add instant warmth to these modern gray spaces we are seeing everywhere. Not only do they add textural and visual appeal, they may also be used and viewed as art. I’ve been seeing more and more artisans using everyday objects and turning them into amazing showpieces.

3. The knock-off will be knocked out. People are so much more knowledgeable about interiors with the saturation of online procurement sites, home and garden television shows and shelter magazines. The incredible photos churned out over Instagram daily is a solid education alone. People want to connect with their home and belongings. I see a resurgence of living with antique furnishings but refashioned in a new way to suit modern lifestyles.

4. Ceilings will be seen. From creative moldings, interesting coffers, to fantastic paint and plaster treatments. The ceiling has become another surface equivalent to the complexity of a Persian Rug on the floor. No room will be completely finished without a ceiling treatment.

5. Art Deco and Art Nouveau has flirted with us a few times and may be coming in for the long embrace. Yes, those pastels and curvy curves are coming back. Stylized three-legged armchairs, channel tufting, glamorous velvet fabrics paired with shiny metals like Brass and Rose Gold. Beautifully carved wood fireplace mantels that look as fluid as marble carved by Michelangelo.

6. The Cement look. Caesarstone recently launched a quartz that looks remarkably like cement. Entire fireplace hearths from top to bottom, counter tops, vessels, flooring, entire walls with cement panels are coming under my radar huge. There are even faux cement panels that you can clad along an entire expanse of a wall which really lends to that industrial loft feeling which is continuing to trend.

7. Black and Chiaroscuro details. From painted walls and gorgeous wall coverings to area rugs and custom millwork, finding a cozy space in your home that is inviting, sexy and dark imbues a sensuality that really makes you want to stay at home.

8. Freestanding tubs or garden tubs. Time is precious and the bath represents a luxury we all covet right now. Time away from the hustle and bustle and more importantly, time away from our devices and screens, allowing us a sliver of more time to relax and dream.

9. Turning an unused room or bedroom into a master closet. Let’s face it, we accumulate way too many clothes, shoes, bags, accessories. We have large wardrobes and most closets in standard homes are jam-packed. I’m seeing a lot of purposeful and thoughtful storage applications that any homeowner can incorporate into a closet system.

10. On the opposite side of the coin, I am also seeing a lot of paired down interiors. For those downsizing into small condos, living with less is not only an aesthetic but a freer way of life. It is great for those who travel frequently or live in dense urban areas. Only decor items with meaning and purpose make the cut.



Natural wood surfaces vs. painted will be at the forefront of upcoming design trends, yes it’s true, anticipate a re-emerging of natural wood finishes from light to dark and in every tone! Natural wood surfaces are becoming increasingly more popular and will be featured in all areas of the home such as- buffets, counter-tops, furniture, side tables, decorative bowls, kitchen islands and utilitarian pieces like lamps. Wood on walls as well as ceilings is now a very popular trend throughout homes across the U.S. The warmth of natural wood is a nice alternative to the painted past!

Saturated colors in hues of rich, bold deep greens, vivid blues, hot pink, red, gold, dark turquoise and the ever-present black (one of the two new neutrals) and to keep it all in a beautiful colorful balance pair it with neutrals of soft whites, dusty blush, cool blues & pale grays.

The induction cooktop will be the new kitchen appliance king!! Gas has been the preferred method of cooking for years however, the induction method is the wave of the future! Induction cooking is far more energy efficient and conducts heat almost immediately. I personally love them for the sleek glass surface that makes for an effortless cleanup and a seamless transition from counter to cooktop!



I just returned from the annual Fall Market in High Point, NC and there were a couple of trends that come to mind for 2018. First, as a reaction to the trifecta of an increasingly technological world, natural disasters, and uncertainty in the political climate, there is a sense that we’re reaching the threshold of our emotional capacity.

As a result, there is a desire for emotional connection. We want to understand the story behind the product and know that it is unique to us. We are being drawn to the tactile nature of products. Faux fur throws, felted wool or a mixture of textiles on pillows and home goods will draw us in and keep us cozy as we relax into the softness.

Second, there is a rising interest in modern feminine forms. Gone are the sharp edges of mid-century modern. We’re seeing an interest in furniture with curves that hug around you: dining chairs are softer and u-shaped. Low-slung seating, arranged in a cluster, makes intimate conversations possible and we may even see the return of the conversation pit!



I think geometrical forms will play another big role in 2018. The reason is quite simple: it is easy to implement. You can basically play with it everywhere: placing triangles or circles on your wallpaper, floor tiles, pillows or even lamps in these forms! The possibilities are endless.

In terms of material, wood will still play a big role. Technology is being implemented more and more into our house, and this causes that we also need some traditional materials and elements to compensate this progress. For example, kitchen accessories like a cutting board and fruit basket are a good choice to buy in wood, so they can become a natural counterpart of the chrome and metal from the kitchen appliances.

Speaking about these advances in technology, bright colors like green, fuchsia, purple combined with turquoise and white will also be popular to corresponds to the lifestyle of the busy person.



I’ve been designing mattresses for the past 9 years so I’m going to focus specifically on bedroom interior design trends which I can speak on with authority.

During 2017, we saw a demand for organic mattresses which are eco-friendly, contain no harmful chemicals and are made from components that derive from nature. Those mattresses are usually comprised of materials like natural latex from rubber trees, certified organic cotton, and wool which is used as a natural fire barrier.

For 2018, I’m predicting the rest of the bedroom will begin to take on the same natural and eco-friendly qualities.

Some of those trends include:

  • The use of low-VOC wall paint in earth and nature tones like green, brown, and beige.
  • Incorporating those same colors in the choice of furniture, bedspreads, accent pillows, curtains, and wall decor.
  • The use of real plants and other elements of nature which creates a relaxing atmosphere for the bedroom.
  • The emphasis on using natural light instead of light fixtures.
  • Instead of using metal and/or faux wood furniture, more homeowners are going to opt for pieces made from authentic wood.
  • Paintings or prints incorporating outdoor or nature type scenery

What do I love about this trend?

In a world where people spend most of their time indoors glued to their smartphone, they’ll at least be doing so in a space which gives them the feeling of being outside in a relaxing place.



Color trend:

Royal Blue especially in upholstery.

Look for distinguished mirrored pieces. Reflective
Transparent, very similar to Chanel’s most recent s/s18 collection with the see-through clothing.

In the kitchen:
I can see these mirrored panels on the refrigerator.

Geometric furniture is making a statement again. The only difference I foresee this year is that the furniture pieces sit way lower. A direct effect of that is that when it is upholstered the fabric also hangs.

I’m noticing a lot of brass for fixtures. People were afraid of it looking dirty. It’s adding color in a new way. The stainless sink is out. People are also incorporating metal accents on wooden pieces. It adds color in a unique way.

People are crazing the spa feel where the tiles go all the way up to the ceiling. Chrome lighting. People go all out on the toilet. It appears this is more important than anything.

I foresee deco more than mid-century. For example:
Chandeliers made up wood. Wood shades on sconces.



Natural materials and lighting will their rise in popularity. From the natural wood slab tables that all my clients love, to larger, more illuminating windows, design have been moving in a more sustainable, natural direction over the last few years.

In 2018, I expect to see this trend continue, with home decor employing natural materials in furniture and design. By the same token, artisan and local-sourced will continue to be at the front of all clients request list.



My keywords for the top 7 design trends in 2018 are:

Interiors will be created with natural, sustainable woods for cabinets, floors, doors, windows, and walls.

Materials used in building and design will be natural and repurposed. Old wood will be turned into furniture, frames, serving pieces, planters, artwork, and accent pieces. Cork, bamboo, pine and de-structured antique furniture will be used to create chairs, tables, bookshelves, standing armoires and bed frames.

Items of furniture and storage will have at least two purposes: They will be used to house and conceal items, but they will also be used as a coffee table, sofa, bed, electronic stand, room divider, dining room table and more.

As the world turns more digital there is less need for items like albums, storage chests, filing cabinets and hutches. Mostly storage units will be used for kid’s toys, seasonal items, exercise equipment and clutter control. They will serve more than one purpose. Clutter will be a thing of the past. Nothing that isn’t serving an immediate purpose will be donated or recycled. People will have one set of dishes, not three, one set of wine glasses and one set of silverware.

Walls will be neutral in paint color but the accents will have colored edging, outlines and suggestions of contrast. A room may be light ivory or white with one outstanding vase or plants of bold color, like bright red or turquoise, as the center focal piece. Color will show up in items and accents, not on walls.

Function + Beauty
While furniture will be minimal, each piece will delight the eye in shape, color, and beauty. Whatever piece is placed in a room, it will be a stand-alone piece and also have a functional purpose not just as a showcase or design factor but as a piece that supports the lifestyle of the people who live there.

The interior of a home will celebrate the lives and feelings of those who live within. Art pieces will reflect the joy in the family; rug texture and colors will represent the love and warmth of the inhabitants. Furniture will reflect the well-being of the occupants; the emotional spirit of the people who live there will be mirrored in the color, art, design, and shape of the home’s inner spaces. The interior of homes in 2018 will be the external reflection of the hearts and minds of the owners. Everything will be rooted in meaning and people will matter most.



Design trends reflect the current societal mood, and this year is no different. In a time of uncertainty and chaos, the 2018 design trend in color reflects a need for tranquility. Neutrals, particularly beige & brown, are back in a big way. Pantone and Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 color predictions include neutrals in white, beige, dove gray, and chocolate brown. While the Fall Markets flouted occasional unexpected pops of red and orange, it was predominantly a neutral palette. Warm neutrals like gold, brown, caramel, whites & organic materials were shown in solids, textures, and simple, tribal prints.

This palette combines beautifully with the design principles of another trend, wabi-sabi, an airy, comforting, unassuming aesthetic. Combining these trends results in an organic, authentic, unfussy aesthetic that’s cozy, serene, spare and reassuring. These rooms feel like an embrace; there’s a familiarity when you walk into them, and a serenity that makes you want to remain.

Wabi-sabi principals are based on natural simplicity and the art of imperfect beauty. It honors the passage of time and the beauty of natural materials. Unlike shabby-chic, new pieces are not intentionally roughed up to look used. Instead, it honors the honesty of imperfect woodgrains, irregular hand-crafted pieces, and items that acknowledge the passage of time. This creates an environment that is organic, harmonious, uncomplicated, and unassuming. Wrinkled linen and loose-fitting pillow covers are reminiscent of easy-breezy coastal living. Blemished or unrefined decorative pieces add rusticity and honesty. There is an absence of fussiness or excess. But while pared down, it is neither stark nor cold. This style is carefully curated, but with a relaxed, thoughtful, restrained, lived-in quality free of the unnecessary. Here are some basics for achieving a wabi-sabi aesthetic:

Wrinkled linen and loose-fitting pillow covers are reminiscent of easy-breezy coastal living. Blemished or unrefined decorative pieces add rusticity and honesty. There is an absence of fussiness or excess. But while pared down, it is neither stark nor cold. This style is carefully curated, but with a relaxed, thoughtful, restrained, lived-in quality free of the unnecessary. Here are some basics for achieving a wabi-sabi aesthetic:

  • Honor humble materials such as wood, clay, stone, bamboo, natural linen, rough paper, woven grass, iron, etc. These will all reveal the passage of time with use.
  • Clear clutter. The wabi-sabi mindset is to achieve simplicity…to become less and less encumbered, because excess is a physical and mental block to living simply.
  • Thoughtful editing. Curate your collections until you’ve achieved the very essence of them. The idea behind this is that you will have more time and space for relaxation and a greater appreciation for what you have.
  • Showcase hand-crafted, irregularity. Nature is perfectly imperfect and as we have moved toward mass-manufactured goods, our spaces have become stilted.
  • Overlap beauty with function. Investing in “functional art” simplifies our spaces, requiring fewer things to make us happy
  • Fill your spaces with natural light, fresh air, and nature. These will blur the lines between the natural and built environments, and bring peace and harmony to your interior spaces.



As a designer and artist, I believe trends for the future will be Vibrant colors, small spaces with less maintenance and cozy intimate places. Quiet spaces are in demand now especially since life is so hectic and we need to meditate and find solace and tranquility in our home. Our homes are now our retreats. Less is more.

Less cabinetry, less clutter, and more freedom.

Open kitchens for entertaining as people spend more time enjoying with friends and family. It’s a luxury to spend time in your home.

Soft Industrial flooring for its ease of maintenance and high traffic. I love using vibrant wallpapers to get the most punch to a drab space.



After 5 long years, we are finally going to see a moving away from our staples of gray paint and mid-century-modern furnishing. 2018 will bring us soft pink and peach neutrals combined with warm browns, 1970’s brutalism, and thick textures. While the cool tones and sleek surfaces of the past few years have been great, I am ready for a bit of warmth, something to snuggle up with and tones that make me feel safe in a world that can be a bit chaotic.

This will not necessarily be a complete copying of the earth-tone movement of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s but rather a slight echo of the trends that dominated the period. Expect to see more fiber art, thicker upholstery fabrics, warmer paints and a complete rejection of stainless steel in favor of rose golds and copper.

The use of LED lighting will be the impetus to start hiding light sources and rejection of all fixture needing to be sized to fit the tradition incandescent bulb. We are going to see lights hidden in all kinds of unexpected place. By including unexpected glow throughout spaces we will further this movement away form austerity in design in favor of rooms that are the visual equivalent to sipping tea in front of a fireplace.



I believe that we are going to see a shift in interior design to focus on versatility; think neutral tones, multipurpose pieces, and long-wearing, good quality materials.

People want to be able to inject their spaces with personality through colors, prints, and textures. So, by having a versatile canvas, each room can be changed, styled and refreshed as often as the

So, by having a versatile canvas, each room can be changed, styled and refreshed as often as the homeowner likes without being beholden to one interior style or look.



I believe 2018 is going to be all about eco-friendly design and back to nature. Lots of industrial metals and wood throughout the home, from furniture to decor to organizing.

As an organizer, one of the top questions I get asked is “how can I use my furniture better, can I repurpose it?” Practical is in and I love transitional pieces, items that can be repurposed throughout the home over time. I love to save my clients money by using one of their old dressers or shelves and placing elsewhere in the home. It not only brings a new function to it, it can make the room and the piece feel brand new!

I am excited to see earthier woods, metals, and stone being used in design as they can be used in everything from baby rooms to your kitchen and baths. They are also sturdy, and easy to clean!

Metal baskets for art supplies and/or toys and chunky wooden wall shelves in a baby room to hold books and keepsakes. Moving the age limited cute animal baskets and shaped shelves aside, this decor grows with your child. Function and beauty at it their best.



While design is not a primary focus of feng shui, I’ve noticed that trends do shift every year and even more so every two years when the Chinese five-element cycle of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal changes from one to another.

The Fire element dominated 2016 and 2017 but now it is waning and we won’t see that energy again for quite some time. Fire is linked to risk, drama, passion, heat, and light and we tend to take more chances under that influence. Trends inspired by fire grab our attention but are also more likely to flicker out.

2018 ushers in two years of Earth energy, a more stable, grounded and transformational time when we’re likely to look inward for answers, comforts, and trends and embrace the natural flow of spaces. For that reason, I expect to see more interest in down-to-earth fabrics, materials, colors, patterns and styles and spaces that provide a comfortable retreat in the center of buildings will prevail in the coming year.

The Earth element in 2018 is associated with the colors of the setting sun and autumn season when leaves turn a deeper, richer color before they fall. Shades of yellow, ochre, amber, turmeric and russet are earth colors while broadcloth, tweed, muslin, flannel and raw silk are the fabrics that evoke the warmth and security of this nurturing element. Low and square shapes, ceramic tile, porcelain, pottery, brick, terracotta and rough stone provide raw textures, lending a rustic feel to design.

Look for a return to boundaries rather than free-form spaces, supportive furniture from natural sources and filtered lighting that makes a room glow. Gardens, parks and inviting outdoor spaces will remind us to spend more time on terra firma reconnecting with mother earth.



Gone are the days when people bought furnishings just for the sake of having more. As life is getting more complicated, full of technology, and we are always in a hurry, people are looking for ways to find tranquillity, peace, and simplicity.

This is expected to be the new interior design trend. Here are some examples of what this means:

1. Wood, more specifically dark wood, is likely to become very popular, very soon. It brings a little bit of nature inside the house, it can be easily mixed and matched in a variety of styles and colors. And to most people, including me, it brings coziness into the room allowing you to feel calm and tranquil.

2. Other earthy motives, even more wood, more plants, more handcrafts, organic materials, and textures. These things will be gaining popularity when the demand for simple things grows. Pictures of animals, or plants.

3. Colourful accents but small ones. In the past entire statement pieces in a popup color were very trendy, soon they will be replaced with the idea of smaller accents in the room. Think in terms of art on the wall, colorful throw pillows on the sofa.

4. Bright lighting can be a fast-growing trend. The people need their homes to be well lit. Dim lights were trendy too many years ago. Now is the time to shine. Big pendant lighting, more floor lamps to light up the room, will be sought after.

5. Stylish simplicity. This is how, in my opinion, the next trend in interior design can be summed up. People who have more means will rely on buying luxurious items to achieve this look, while people on a budget will stick to upcycling and thriftiness.



The top predictions for interior design trends in 2018 include fun, whimsical splashes of colorful glass objects, artisan painted furniture, handmade metal sculptures and local and international artist’s pieces throughout traditional and or modern space.

Colorful and creative artwork throughout your home and office space spark inspiration and increase happiness. Pillow pops, decor items, artisan work and beautiful paintings have an impact on your own creative flow and motivation.

According to Feng Shui principles, a dull, unimaginative space means a life without vigor and force. Also, you don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money on artistic additions. Scouring on-line, flea markets, charity shops, and local art festivals will put you on a marvelous treasure hunt.

Getting some color and interesting design pieces in your space will get some pizazz into your space and your lifestyle.



Increasing homeowners are embracing color and moving away from minimalism. Take the comeback of orange for example. It’s a bold accent color that you can you use on chairs and cushions. It’s a look that features heavily in cottage and nautical inspired themes. By adding a dark teal to the mix you can really add a sense of drama and prestige to any room within your home.

Orange has been a bit of a taboo in interior design but really can’t be ignored as it is so bold, but it is one of the warmest colors you can use in any interior design scheme – and it certainly creates a lasting impression.

Other colors that work particularly well with orange are pale blue and white. These ‘companion colors’ are perfect complements because of their lighter tones. If you are trying to achieve a retro look with your design scheme then try orange with shades of brown. For a more contemporary feel then adding touches of turquoise will work best.

If you find using orange in your interior design scheme is too overwhelming then try using it in small bursts. By using it in accessories for example you can easily swap these around or take them out if you find the scheme too overstimulating.



My prediction for 2018 is the reintroduction of the color red.

This bold hue has fallen out of favor over the years but, as dark walls and accessories have begun to dominate the interiors scene again.

I think that red will take over from those navy and forest green walls we’ve all been Pinning.



My top prediction for design trends for 2018 includes a whole lot of color intermixed with metallics! 2017 was the year of white with farmhouse flair.

I believe white is a great starting point for finishes, and trim when designing a space, however, to avoid being, “very vanilla” you need the “key ingredients”, which means you need COLOR, you need SPARKLE, you need ELEMENTS OF SURPRISE, and YOU NEED ARTWORK to really tie everything together and make the space a true standout.

As an Artist and Designer in the industry for 40+ years, I’ve worked with many different clients. Each of them have their own unique style and I stay true to that when designing. A home needs to be the best representation of the individuals living there. It needs to tell a story with the unique/ suprise elements and artwork… this is also the best way to add that much needed vibrant color.

I’ve never worked with a client that says, “I want my guests to come into my home and say it looks just like every other home I’ve been in.” Everyone wants to live in a home most would refer to as a “stand out” and the only way to do that is through the “key ingredients” stated above!



Low Maintenance Luxury
This is a trend we’ve been seeing for a while but continues to grow especially as millennials make up a larger and larger portion of the design and remodeling market. Luxury touches that need a lot of maintenance are out. Instead, people are looking for high-end touches that give spaces a luxurious feel while at the same time not requiring a ton of maintenance.

Gray Meets Color
Grays have been all the rage for several years now but we’re starting to see the soothing, neutral tone paired with big, bright colors. Think gray with accents of bright caramel, spring greens, and even jewel-toned purples.

Everything with a Personality
Again, this is an ongoing trend that will only become more apparent in 2018. The days of cookie-cutter designs and decor is completely gone. People are looking to furnish their homes in a style that speaks to their personality and fill their rooms with items that have a story.



Based on my observations over the past few years attending numerous design shows such as Milan Design Week, Decorex, 100% design and Maison & Objets, I noticed that most trends either come and go quickly or linger about in the background for several years.

The hype for velvet, dark greens and blues appear to be gaining popularity at the moment and gold and brass are celebrating their big comeback. Yet you still find vintage styled furniture as well as vibrant colors and patterns alongside pastels.

I, therefore, believe that as we move into 2018, more than ever, there will be a trend for ‘anything goes’. Who knows… after a season of colors, we may see more white and neutrals again.

At the same time I think or rather hope that eco-friendly manufacturing and sourcing become more than just a trend, but more so a way of life.

I also believe that multi-functional, modular and adaptable pieces of furniture become increasingly important as cities and their populations continue to grow.



So for 2018 it is going to be the year of well-being, mindfulness, and coziness and making your home feel luxurious and a great place to relax. Everyone lives such a fast-paced lifestyle and it’s hard to get away from it all with having a smartphone also so its time to concentrate on our own well being for 2018 and to switch off.

Starting with interior trends for the bedroom which includes luxury textures and statement bedding, white sheets are out and monogram patterns are in, upholstered headboards and making a statement in the bedroom with big accessories.

Hygge will still be very much on trend and is Danish way of living and is described as comfortable and a feeling of contentment and well being. I would light beautifully scented candles, sheepskin rugs, a warm fireplace and woven throws to make the room relaxed and comfortable.

For accessories, copper is out and its matt black colored pieces that will be trending as well as brass metal.

Interiors color trends to follow clothing fashion colors and red is very much the colour on the catwalk also expect to see a lot of red too in homewares, kitchen accessories, and textiles. A hint of red in a neutral room just brings it to life and makes it more interesting it is a great color for Fall.



2018 Interior Design Trends from Houzz:

  • Mixing metals, texture, and sheen. Think velvet sofa mixed with a reflective table surface and a heavily textured rug on matte flooring.
  • Rich colors. Warm grays and rich, earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-blacks, delicious red and burnt yellow will edge out cooler neutrals for a more decadent look.
  • No more white or stainless steel sinks. Expect more concrete, stone, copper and granite composite sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze or black.
  • Vintage lighting. Home professionals are reporting more interest in vintage-style fixtures, such as aged copper pendant lights.
  • Concrete accents. Concrete has always been a popular material choice, but don’t be surprised to see it in more unexpected ways, such as in furniture, decorative accessories, wallcoverings, countertops, and tile.
  • Florals make a comeback. This popular print is getting a revival and a bit of an update. Forget low-energy patterns and think over-sized blooms and botanical references in high-contrast colors such as black and white or teal and gold.



I see maximizing daylight as a strong trend for 2018. I love this trend because I think natural light makes everything look better.

One of my go-tos to achieve additional natural light is called a Solatube. It’s a tubular skylight that can be used in small places like in a closet, hallway, bathroom, laundry room, etc., and really brightens up the space. They are pretty affordable at about $600 each. I also use them in kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms and even garages.

They work by harvesting sunlight from a dome on the roof and pipe it through a reflective tube that runs through the attic to the ceiling. No electric lights needed during the day – I am always trying to turn mine off thinking I’ve left the lights on.



I see a few trends becoming popular next year. Here are a few thoughts:

Color: It’s all about deep rich tones. Deep green is still very popular, like the Dunne Edwards color of the year which is peacock green and the Benjamin Moore color which is magenta. Thes are not jewel tones more like Thoroughbred colors that you might see at an equestrian event. Black is still popular but I think the pale grey has seen its day.

It’s all about the 80’s. That decade we all tried to forget is back, preppy is coming back in new fresh ways. Lots of Plaid, paisley, and gingham is now in the fabric collections. I think this ties into a larger trend of classic shapes and designs that are familiar and reassuring. Trim is starting to come back and I think will be what wallpaper was this year trim will be for next year!

Classic American style is all the rage, no more French Chateau and Tuscan villas it’s all about the modern American Farmhouse with a fresh modern twist. Bring on the metal roof and clapboard siding, but don’t over clutter, make it airy and approachable.



We believe that using different shades of marble will be a top Interior Design trend in 2018.

The reason that I love incorporating this in my projects is that it brings richness and uniqueness to all design spaces.

We’ve always valued marble as a coveted product due to its luxe qualities, and find that its versatility elevates a space in various ways.



Top Interior Design Trends for 2018 that I see are the following:

Design Solutions Integrating Handheld Devices and Home Technology
There will be more interesting design happening that continues to find more ways to adapt our technology and handheld devises into our surroundings. There are vanity mirrors that light up faces and will hold your iPhone in place in order to FaceTime while illuminated in style and not let your hands get tired. Expect to see more built adaptations for our technology. If Amazon’s Alexa takes off, there will be design solutions for making it more appealing, more hidden and work better for individual lifestyles.

Sacred Spaces
People will be looking for ways to create more meaning and flow in their living spaces and their lives. There will be more meditating intentions for how they want their space to work for them:

  • smudging with sweetgrass and sage to clear energy
  • implementing crystals, stones, and other natural elements,
  • adding live plants, and incorporating DIY artwork that says something distinctive about themselves in their space.

There will be new products and takes on designing this sacred environment. I have some products I’m working on now as well. People want their homes and offices to be a place for personal growth and transformation.

Environmentally Sustainable Material Options
Everywhere we turn there are stories about the environment reminding us that the earth needs to be respected. There is an elevated consciousness in many people about their choices of what it is they bring into their personal homes and spaces that hopefully is quick to spread and evolve. Questions that arise include: What is the quality of this object? What do I know about the impact on the environment of this material? Is there another choice that could be more eco-friendly and sustainable for the environment?

Part of my job is educating my clients on more environmentally sustainable options, whether that is sourcing local reclaimed wood for a custom dining table or flooring, seeing options for bed sheets made with organic cotton or using roller blinds made from recycled plastic that has been harvested from polluting the ocean. Expect to see more eco-friendly and sustainable options and a consumer demand towards them. At this point, it’s urgent to help do part in being responsible towards the earth. This is a big part of my vision for my work in 2018.

Communication With Handmade Goods
“It’s made by hand” is a term that holds powerful bragging rights these days as we adapt to living in our ever-changing tech world. There will be more of a focus and appreciation on the technique of how something is made and an appreciation for things made by human hands. There is even more of a shift towards hand-embroidery and custom-sculpted neon of simple words, gutsy political views or philosophical statements—even custom symbols— communicated on pillows, wall art and even furniture. There will be more of a need to balance our tech lives and communication with nature and the handmade. It will be fascinating to see the interplay unfold in interiors.



In interior design we’re seeing a strong push towards eco-consciousness, looking towards items that are made of sustainable materials and have a natural feel to them. People care about the production, the history, and the story of their furniture more than they ever have. That’s partially why up-cycling and thrift purchases have seen a great deal of success.

2018 is going to see people being a lot more thoughtful about their furniture, taking into account not only its sustainability but also its longevity. For that reason, natural materials and colors are going to be big in 2018. Woods, wickers and rattan furniture are seeing their revivals. These are going to be seamlessly blended with plants and earthy colors to create a very organic feeling.

The reason why this trend is picking up so much traction is that it’s more than just a look. It’s almost a movement – a way of looking at life. That’s exciting from an interior design standpoint because it allows for rooms and decors that have a greater purpose than just being aesthetically pleasing. It allows you to create rooms that have real meaning.



Fabric will be used in more unconventional ways, such as for walls and ceilings. Fabric can create more interesting color profiles and textures in a room and they will move beyond furniture. Fabric panels have been introduced in the past couple of years, but their ease of use and do-it-yourself applications are now making for a much easier use. Headboards, accent pieces, and walls used to require special skills to do, but now many of these can be tackled during a weekend project.

Grey will yield its hold on homes’ interiors to a more neutral tone palette… think brown tones and bold colors such as orange, reds, and yellows. Bold patterns will be the craze and those fabrics can help here.

Wallpaper will continue to make its way back and will be helped along by the desire to incorporate intricate patterns and colors into living areas. Monotone schemes will be out, so start thinking bold colors, intricate patterns, and texture when planning your 2018 home. Another trend with respect to walls includes decorative panels. They are affordable, easy to install, and instantly give a room a bold focal point. With so many styles (colors, metallics, textures, etc.) and variations to work with, your room will get a huge boost with an afternoon of labor.



Indoor garden

2018 is going to bring the garden right into the home with luscious greens and earthy browns creating the main palette accentuated by blooms of red and burnt yellow. Grand floral and botanical prints and wall hangings will add a sense of occasion.

My tip would be to contrast the lush greenery with small concrete items such as planters to add interesting focal points. I adore the idea of bringing the garden inside all year round to bring about a fresh and living atmosphere to your home.



There are numerous interior design trends to anticipate in 2018. For once, dark wood and cork will be on the rise. Dark wood will provide a luxurious chocolate brown outlook to the room, and the cork will be used for not only floors but also walls and cabinet doors. That, combined with bright lighting will create a warm, comfortable and spacious bedroom.

Upholstered furniture and colorful patterns are also a great combination, which will have a strong influence on people’s interiors. A combination of a sofa in earthly colors and a nice patterned rug will brighten your living room.

Other cool trends that will gain more popularity in 2018 are folding furniture, folding room, and space saving technology. There are many people who live in small crowded apartments, and this type of furniture would be perfect because it will help them have fully functional homes without losing precious space.

We'd like to thank all the experts that contributed to this post! This was a team effort and we appreciate you sharing your tips with us.

A final tip for our readers: rearranging your home doesn’t have to be very expensive. You can always repurpose the furniture that you have, add a few new accessories and change the colors. This way your home will get a new look at a low cost.

What is your favorite trend that you want to try next?

Let us know in the comments below.

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